Our Mission

To help children grow musically, professionally, and personally through choral music.

History & About

Learn more about PYC’s history and your child’s place in our program.


From our Artistic Director, to our accompanists, to our administrators, the PYC is guided by an accomplished team.

Season Schedule

Our concert season is marked by a wide range of activities, from community appearances to formal performances.

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Where to Start with the PYC

Wondering how to find out more information or get started with the PYC?

Check out the resources below.

Get in touch by e-mail or phone

While our FAQ page provides a great deal of information about the PYC, we understand that there are always questions pertaining specifically to your child.

Feel free to share them with us by clicking over to our Contact Page.

Schedule an Audition

Our simple and stress-free audition session not only allows to assess your child’s musical development, but it also allows you to get an in-depth look at our choir program.

What Our Alumni Say

Now moving into our 45th season, there are plenty of meaningful stories from how impactful the PYC was to our past members.

Enjoy them here on our testimonials page.

Areas of training and performance

“I thought that we were sending our children for a musical experience, but the PYC turned out to be so much more!”

-John & Bernice D.

Vocal Training

Our choral and individual training will unleash the full potential of your child’s vocal abilities.

Music Theory

Your child will learn the building blocks of music- rhythm, pitch, harmony- and how they work together in our repertoire.

Cultural Awareness

Whether singing in another language, understanding the cultural context of a piece, or traveling to new places, PYC will broaden your child’s perspective through music and performance.

Travel Savvy

Performance tours will introduce your child to the logistics of travel, from packing to planning to presenting themselves as professionals.

Character Development

Through rehearsals and performances, your child will learn how to be and organized and responsible person who others can depend upon.

Manners & Etiquette

As a member of PYC, your child represents their community, state, and country to our audiences. We foster the highest level of decorum, and we help students achieve this expectation.